DiplomatiCat the Talking Beast

Inspired By Ire, Impelled By Ideal … "Never a TAME Lion"

Ignore this

No, really… ignore this; there isn’t anything interesting here at all, but I haven’t figured out if there’s a way to delete the post that said to delete the “Hello World” shit and replace it with my own first post (which I didn’t do because I was afraid I might need that post for some reason in the future. Now it”s the future and, of course, I don’t, but since  I didn’t follow the instructions that I was afraid I might need to make my first post, I made the second my first and left the real first there unchanged.   And can see that I ought to have followed those instructions to delete them.   But I would not know this now if I had  done so, so I guess saving it was purposeful after all.  Except that I now have to tell you to ignore this because otherwise my second post will be first and my first next.  Which would be stupid, right?)

Move along.  Nothing to see here.


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