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Lessons of the Past? Those who fail History are doomed to repeat it in summer school.

You know how sometimes, once you’ve gotten older and more mature, you listen to a song from years before that you used to like and then discover its not quite as great as you remembered it?  Yeah well,  this one  isn’t like that at all.

“History Will Teach Us Nothing” — Sting (lyrics) : http://youtu.be/FrJ1YYbSIY4

They say those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

When I was in high school history was historically my weakest subject in school, one in which I had to focus all of my intellectual efforts in to achieve a B+  even in the isolation of summer school for U.S. History, and having barely passed European by the skin of my teeth with something even less impressive.  I used to love that Sting, one of my favorite artists, also appeared to feel that way too, as on the “Nothing Like the Sun”  album jacket (yes, an actual 33 RPM LP ALBUM) he talked about having thought of history as a being filled with a lot of “robber baron scumbags.”  So it was with a sort of rebellious spirit that I used to play this tune back then, in a sort of protest that the subject which harried me so that it might be abolished.

Now, in revisiting the lyrics today, in the wake of a discussion of the Bible and what it does and doesn’t condemn as well as another “wake up and smell the coffee (machine which has caught fire and is burning your house down), America” infomage post stating “Why didn’t the German people realize what was happening and put a stop to it?” I am struck once again by Sting’s genius.  Not only was he a true poet and intellectual but a forward thinking enlightened man – a rare individual indeed.  I shouldn’t be so surprised at the scarcity of such people; of course foresight is lacking in a group of folks who are looking to the past to justify today.  It’s a wonder that we evolve at all with that kind of thinking.

I was awful at history.  I can remember a handful of dates, maybe, and a few key happenings, but the rest is a blur of maps and changing borders and wars and rebellions that I couldn’t tell from the other if I were on Jeopardy and had 10 million bucks riding on the final question.  If I can see that the shit is coming around and think we’d better turn off the fan before it hits, what the heck is wrong with some of the voting public in America?

“History Will Teach Us Nothing”

If we seek solace in the prisons of the distant past
Security in human systems we’re told will always always last
Emotions are the sail and blind faith is the mast
Without a breath of real freedom we’re getting nowhere fast

If God is dead and an actor plays his part
His words of fear will find their way to a place in your heart
Without the voice of reason every faith is its own curse
Without freedom from the past things can only get worse

Sooner or later just like the world first day
Sooner or later we learn to throw the past away

History will teach us nothing

Our written history is a catalog of crime
The sordid and the powerful, the architects of time
The mother of invention, the oppression of the mild
The constant fear of scarcity, aggression as its child

Sooner or later

Convince an enemy, convince him that he’s wrong
Is to win a bloodless battle where victory is long
A simple act of faith
In reason over might
To blow up his children will only prove him right
History will teach us nothing

Sooner or later the world first day
Sooner or later we learn to throw the past away

History will teach us nothing

Know your human rights
Be what you come here for

I do hope I get to meet Mr. Sumner  again some day, and maybe be a little less obtuse about it than I was previously.  Although if I do, preferably THIS time in my real identity as opposed to my alter ego “Angela”  like before, if only because I’d like him to know my real name.   That way, if I am just as obtuse, at least  if he ever talks about meeting the fan who talked about how much she liked Sting TO Sting without actually realizing it was him, I will know he remembered ME.  But still…  it would be better if I just wasn’t so obtuse.   =)


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