DiplomatiCat the Talking Beast

Inspired By Ire, Impelled By Ideal … "Never a TAME Lion"


I.B.I = Inspired by Ire, Impelled by Ideal  and I am myself above all else, and to that must be true.

Many of the things that I write about are inspired by passion.  Passion is often pricked by something that enrages me, so that may frequently be the catalyst to ranting about it online, but the reason I do it at all is a bit more hopeful.  The thing that drives me to the keyboard to put it out there in cyberspace in a form that can be discussed is the idealistic part of me that hopes the internet will actually be the way to connecting all the isolated dots.  We are so much alike, you and I, and in ways we don’t yet realize.  More importantly, I think, we are intertwined by the whole of existence and this idea that any of us or that anything is here in isolation is misguided at best and harmful to us all  if we think that something that happens outside of our awareness or social sphere does not have everything to do with us.

I see the internet as possibly one of the most powerful tools against ignorance and hate and division that man has seen since the printing press or broadcast media or any technology which has shortened the travel time across geographic distances that previously isolated us in smaller communities.  It provides the opportunity for direct communication in the moment and also allows for those moments that would be lost to time some permanence to be experienced as though they were currently unfolding even years later.  It allows us a one to one meeting of minds without the barriers of gatekeepers influence on the message, and without the additional filters of our own prejudice due to the obscuring of physical attributes like gender and age and appearance.  It is one of the closest approximations of purity in the exchange of ideas where they can be measured in their own right and judged more on their content than anything else.

I am a Leo by birth month, and very much in spirit, so it is with that in mind that I have chosen my avatar.  I follow the Lion, and see that I have the courage to lead by example and do my best to lead by way of love.  I am part Aslan and part Cowardly Lion (but never a TAME lion, no matter which end of the spectrum I may be feeling at any point) and, though I am partial to the company of canines in particular, thrive when surrounded by beasts of all kinds.

I am an opinionated talking beast.  Sometimes, I just like to hear myself roar.


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