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‘iN DEMAND’ But ‘NOW’ No More

Well, who knew?  Customer Service is still a thing!


iNDemandNow…or not.  Now what?

A pleasant and unexpected surprise came to me from iN DEMAND LLC after I sent an inquiry to their contact page regarding a DRM video that I purchased in 2014 and have not been able to access.  Their iNDemandNow.com division of the company (partnered with various cable providers) used to be one of the first stores for purchasing digital downloads of movies on demand, but is now defunct and gone.  I have always been against the DRM stuff just for that very reason:  people who buy it legally always seem to get most screwed by it not working right.

Of course, that is what happened to me and I had not been able to find a solution over the last couple years other than resigning myself to the idea of just buying it AGAIN,  but next time on DVD from ebay.

Still, the principle of the thing bugged me enough to keep holding off from that.  I knew the content protection setup was potentially going to be a problem back when I bought it, but it would have meant another couple of months wait on the DVD release of the show I wanted so badly to see, so I decided to take the chance. I went ahead and purchased an officially licensed download version of Tony award winner’s — and long time favorite talent of mine since the early 80’s —  Jay Johnson’s “The Two and Only”,  which was supposed to be viewable at any time I chose,  unlike a rental version.   (Allow me to say here, that the popular Jeff Dunham is a hack. Jay is incredible.  It’s criminal that the former is probably the one more people are familiar with.

It proved to be a delight worth the risk, despite being a pain in the ass because I had to redownload the player every time I wanted to watch it.  Now, I still have the file and the DRM license info on my drive, but since the content required logging in to an online provider that is now gone, I am SOL in accessing it, despite having paid for the keys to the lock. Having received an answer to a previous email about one of his old A&E’s Evening At The Improv appearances — which, if anyone knows where to find it, I would love to replace that episode I accidentally taped over with the 1988 World Series (which was magical, and almost worth it) — I even wrote to Jay’s facebook and blog pages to ask if he knew how to fix this.  No response, but the guy is like 80 now or something, so I can’t really blame him.

As one last Hail Mary, I decided to fuss at the only related company info I could find and filled out a contact email form on the website for iN DEMAND LLC, if only to satisfy my need to fight the good fight for what is right before resigning to re-buying something I should already own because I really wanted it that badly. (Seriously, It’s a great show. If you haven’t seen it, DO.)

And then, right after I hit send, I promptly forgot all about it.  Mom’s cat, who I am sitting, deciding to have a veterinary issue that became the focus of all my attention for the next day or so. All else was out of sight, out of mind.  I was quite exhausted from that whole ordeal with kitty when I logged into my gmail this weekend and saw a reply from the iN DEMAND domain at the top of my inbox.  Surprising, given that their current company info doesn’t even include any mention of that old platform or that service; I figured there was probably no one to direct the inquiry to.  I actually would have have been less surprised if I’d never gotten any response at all, so I was a little shocked when I read the content of the email.

Dig this! CS, OG-STYLE:

Oct 6-

Thank you for contacting iN DEMAND. We were involved with a number of cable companies in developing one of the very first online video stores.I want to reaffirm that the technology have evolved rapidly and the digital download world runs very smoothly.

Please rest assured that you can still shop for digital video from many sources and the content is easy to access and play. This original online store is no longer live.

Charter most likely is now your cable company and is not a digital download provider presently. I’d be happy to send you this DVD or an Amazon gift card for the value of the digital download? Which would you prefer? Please provide your name, address and phone number so that I may send you whichever you select.

Lauren LoFrisco


Honestly, I did not really expect a reply beyond a “sorry but blah blah blah …” form letter from an AI/Support-O-Botv3.0, if even THAT much, because I figured no one would even have a clue what I was talking about in the first place.   Try and Google the iNDemandNow.com video store to see what I mean — you can scarcely even find any reference online that such a company ever existed unless you search by exact phrasing with quotes, and even then you only get about 4 results total.

So, score one huge win for iN DEMAND LLC  for taking their customer service seriously and stepping up to solving my problem both courteously and efficiently (i.e. like a BOSS: “You want the download or DVD sent to you?” — BOOM. Just like that!)

And now I can’t even be mad anymore.

Here’s an excerpt from my return letter (requesting the DVD this time, as at least I learn from past missteps):

I am glad that there are still a few companies who respect the individual customers and don’t just feel entitled to our business as valueless ‘consumers’ unless we act en masse.  Honestly, I did not expect that iNDemand would be one of those which still had people minding the store, and to have this result is a welcome surprise.

Negativity is easy to pass along, but I find that acknowledging the stuff that is being done right is what makes people want to continue to do that and know that it has an actual effect beyond the quarterly projection at the stock meeting.  The community at facebook that tunes in to my own page will definitely hear about it from me that I received such a positive solution oriented response to my frustrated inquiry.

Lauren LoFrisco:  Your thoughtful consideration has been a bright spot in my day.  Please do pass that sentiment on to your supervisor as well, if you have one, as a note from me that there should be more like you on the other side of the customer service communications everywhere.  I hope they keep letters like this on file for when it comes time to hand out promotions and bonus checks.



Kudos where kudos is due.  This company got it right and I hope others will follow suit.  It goes a long way to possibly entrusting them with future business.  Well done.  Please don’t replace the necessary contributions of someone like the rep here with the saccharine imitation of a bot or AI program.  Or if this is a bot, make them ALL like this.  This being treated like a real person that mattered was a real bright spot in my day.